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Delightful in taste and enjoyable in practice, hot pot at SHABU is a unique specialty every guest must experience. Each pot is personal-sized to ensure complete satisfaction and cleanliness. To fully embrace our offerings, here are a few details to keep in mind.

Broth Selection

Choose one of four hot pot broth choices:

  • Tom Yum (Spicy)
  • Ma-La Broth (Very Spicy)
  • Shiitake Mushroom
  • Tomato Broth
  • Herbal Broth

Dipping Sauce

We serve a complimentary first round of three dipping sauces – Oyster, Thai Chili, and Sesame Oil & Garlic. *Sha Cha sauce available at additional cost.

Food Selection (à la carte)

Each food order has a serving size of 3-4 people and is presented raw and ready-to-cook. 


  1. Select various meats, seafood, and vegetables from the hot pot menu for a balanced meal.
  2. Submerge the raw ingredients into the broth to cook.
  3. When preparing a combination of meat and vegetables or tofu, cook the meat first to flavor the broth quicker. **Some meats also require a longer cooking time than most vegetables.
  4. Serve yourself the cooked ingredients with dipping sauce, when ready.  **Remember to try the tasteful broth as well.
  5. If your utensils come in contact with raw meat, simply dip them into the pot for several seconds before reusing them.
  6. Have fun, savor each bite, and enjoy!  **Hot pot fares well with tea, beer, and wine.